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Lindy black gelding 2019  SOLD
Now for sale as a gelding 14.1 greenbroke

lindy and her baby.jpg
magic 6.JPG
Synchro gait Magic.jpg
magic 8.jpg
magic 2.jpg
magic 3.jpg
magic 5.jpg

Patty black colt
$3000 sold

Rosie chestnut colt sold

Rosie and her chestnut.jpg
Patty's baby head shot.jpg
patty baby again.jpg

Buttercup  buckskin colt sold

buttercup colt 2.jpg

Lynne filly sold

Missouris MOJO Image

emmy and baby.jpg
emmy...this mare.jpg
Emmys baby face.jpg
lynne's girl.JPG
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